Christening Stories



Panagiotis - Odysseas

...The time for the christening of your precious baby has arrived.

While the choice of the name is your personal matter, trust us for photographing and filming the most loving moments.

Our crew arrives at the church always an hour before the ceremony, due to our own technical reasons, and apart from the standard shooting of the decorations and the surrounding area, what follows is, photographing the family and the artistic shooting - filming of the baby which precedes the sacrament, so as to assure the moments where the baby is relaxed and jaunty.

The same process, but with more time at our command, is repeated after the ceremony. And if your little angel is in great mood and responsive to the camera, then the artistic shooting that comes after, becomes a child's play. Have in mind that, during the ceremony the photographers capture the events discreetly and respectfully to the holiness of the sacrament.

The images are being processed with the newest image editing software. The content you'll be provided with, will be of high quality and efficient in brightness, contrast, color temperature, sharpness, and in all the other attributes that qualify an image. You will be given also some monochrome photographs (sepia, black and white etc.) for a more cinematic effect.

The photographic material is delivered to you entirely on digital format. The images which you will choose for the composition of the digital or the traditional matted albums, if it is considered necessary, will be photoshoped, reverently to the naturalness of the image and of the depicted ones.