Wedding Stories


The momentous day has been set. What will keep the memory alive, is photographing each and every moment.

The shooting starts with the preparation of the bride and the groom and continues at the church one hour before the wedding ceremony, where we are photographing the details of the set, such as decoration, the indoor of the temple, guests and friends, along with the groom who is waiting for the bride to arrive.

The bride arrives and is walked down on the steps of the church. Our aim is to capture the joy and the thrill of everybody.

During the ceremony the photographers capture the events discreetly and respectfully to the holiness of the sacrament.

Right after the ceremony, the married couple will be photographed with their families and friends in the courtyard of the church or the venue. Within the time you will provide us before the reception, the artistic shooting will take place. You will be photographed in a climate of intimacy, in a natural and spontaneous touch.

Photographing and filming the reception will compose the most vivid and glorious memory of a celebration which you will desire to remember always and often look back.

The newlyweds, on the occasion of their wedding, can treat themselves to a Next Day Location Shooting, wearing again their wedding gown and costume. In this shooting, which differs in philosophy and style, we emphasize on the spontaneous moments. It's a ride where we have fun, and the result through our visual perception is reflected on the albums that we have uploaded on our site. We think that the photos speak for themselves.

Whether you are a couple that is anxious about the chronicle of the wedding, or not, that day some of your closest people will be the photographers and the cameramen that you will have chosen to record these moments. This is why you must feel intimate with them and be inspired with confidence about the outcome of their work.

So contact us to get a closer view of our work, a variety of traditional matted and modern digital albums, but also to discuss and customize together the package that covers your specific needs.

The images are being processed with the newest image editing software. The content you'll be provided with, will be of high quality and efficient in brightness, contrast, color temperature, sharpness, and in all the other attributes that qualify an image. You will be given also some monochrome photographs (sepia, black and white etc.) for a more cinematic effect.

The photographic material is delivered to you entirely on digital format. The images which you will choose for the composition of the digital or the traditional matted albums, if it is considered necessary, will be photoshoped, reverently to the naturalness of the image and of the depicted ones.